The Red Death - _Godmakers_
(Siege of Amida, 2008)
by: Jackie Smit (7.5 out of 10)
If you count yourself among the sad, lonely niche who regularly find themselves yearning for the return of one of melodic death metal's true bastions in The Crown, then New York's The Red Death may be the answer to your midnight goat sacrifices. Sorta. Like The Breathing Process (also reviewed this month), this quintet might ply their trade off the back of a rather undistinguished style, but their saving grace lies in the firebrand conviction and consummate musicianship with which they execute their every song.

Decidedly striking here is the ability of their two guitarists, Aaron Conti and Mark Kelley, to shred their way through more hooks than a "Hellraiser" movie. Add it to a superb production job, and tracks like "Transapient Beast", "Sleep of Reason" and the particularly blistering opening gambit of "Eternal Now" are elevated from a being just another tired racket to songs you may well find yourself wanting to hear more than once.

You still shouldn't count on seeing The Red Death referred to as the most innovative band on the planet anytime soon, but if your copy of _Deathrace King_ is worn out, you could do significantly worse than to pick up a copy of _Godmakers_ the next time you check into your local music merchant.


(article published 3/2/2008)

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