V:28 - _Violution_
(Vendlus, 2007)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (6 out of 10)
Considering V:28 opine about the destruction of mankind while lacing their barbaric hyper-metal with distinctive industrial influences and a mechanistic drumming sound, one might be mistaken for assuming them the second (or third, or fourth) coming of Fear Factory. Not quite. They do share the robotic percussion (here courtesy of a drum machine) and the latter's penchant for dark wave influenced vocal flights, but for the most part V:28 go their own route, sticking to an orthodox black metal base and layering in death metal and industrial flourishes on top.

For the most part it works. "Shut It Down" starts the band off on a blackened assault that is regretfully abandoned in favor of a trio of somber, ambient mood pieces which never quite gel into any kind of flow. Variety is nice, but each of these songs stumble uneasily from one motif to another. "Surrender to Oblivion" is the most egregious example, a seven-minute plus melange of moods and themes meandering schizophrenically along until the band finally run out of ideas, at which point they allow the music to drone on for another two minutes, as if the band simply walked away from their instruments while forgetting to pull the plug.

"World Wide Bombing Day" gets the second half off on the right foot, a galloping assault that also includes several disparate pieces to its puzzles but integrates them far more successfully than before. In fact, side two seems to be the literal inverse of side one, mostly heavier songs with the different elements much more successfully fused together, but then you get to "When Entropy Decreases", another extended mood piece, except this time finishing off with a three-minute plus keyboard wash. If V:28 ever gets around to embracing their listeners' patience instead of testing it they may just have something on their hands here.

Contact: http://www.v28.com

(article published 14/1/2008)

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