Audiopain - _The Switch to Turn Off Mankind_
(Vendlus, 2007)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (4 out of 10)
Audiopain have been around since the mid-to-late '90s (Wiki says '96, Enyclopaedia Metallum says '98, the band's website says literally nothing) and have released a healthy string of EPs since 2000. Considering their longest release was a mere 34 minutes and only six tracks, I'm gonna be that guy and call them all EPs. _The Switch to Turn Off Mankind_ is just under 27 minutes and shows the band once again stuck in a mid-'80s thrash rut. I have no problem with bands looking to the past for influence, nor even attempting to recreate that sound as immaculately as possible without further updating -- as long as they're keeping things interesting. Audiopain brings the mood but not the goods. The vocals by Sverre Daehli are forced and devoid of personality, a lightly sandpapered rasp with neither melodic qualities nor enough grit to lend it sincerity. Needless to say, there is nothing remotely imaginative in the riff department either. Considering this is the band's sixth release (or twelfth if you count split releases) I'm less inclined to judge lightly as a developing band, so I'm afraid I'm left with a fairly dismissive thumbs down.


(article published 14/1/2008)

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