Janvs - _Fvlgvres_
(Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation, 2007)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (7 out of 10)
Alongside their brothers in arms Tronus Abyss and Spite Extreme Wing, Janvs are part of the Signum Martis association, where Italian black metal bands "having roots in the same historical, mythical and archetypal soi" join forces. Sounds promising.

Moving on to the music itself, we find the promises fulfilled, partially at least. Right from the opening few minutes it's obvious _Fvlgvres_ is a well planned conceptual piece of work that fuses semi-melodic, mid-paced black metal with ultimately tranquil atmospheric interludes. The metal part of the album is musically adept, even if the vocals are weak and the guitar themes predictable at times -- but it is really the contrast that does the trick. The buzzing black metal sections work extremely well when followed by ethereal synths and acoustic guitars right out of a neofolk album.

At first listen _Fvlgvres_ might sound a tad dull, but it gains momentum and by the time you reach the massive eight minute piece "Vesper", the album is already making an impression. But it is the most straightforward metal piece, "Vrsa Major", that stands out as the album highlight -- featuring vocal and lyrical contribution by Spite Extreme Wing mainman Argento, the sheer drive, quintessencial vocal rasp and riff variation of this track makes it by far the superior one in _Fvlgvres_.

Contact: http://www.janvs.it

(article published 31/12/2007)

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