Svartsyn - _Timeless Reign_
(Carnal Records, 2007)
by: Chaim Drishner (7.5 out of 10)
Snakes on the cover! Malignant, with an evil intent. So is this record: venomous, vitriolic, induces (self) infliction. Guitars like razor blades; barbarically simple drum work; almost guttural spewing vocal hatred. This may sound like not much at all, for a description of a half decent metal album; nonetheless, _Timeless Reign_ is so much more than yet another black metal clone added to the collection.

What Svartsyn prove is the notion you could do so much using the most basic of instruments: tell tales of grief and heroism; of despair and pain; make the skin crawl; make the heart bleed...

Svartsyn's guitars speak in tongues, alternately celestial and hellish, angelic and bestial, crude and crystalline-refined. The guitar(s), or its many layers conjured in the recording and studio mix, create a wonderful array of emotions, ambiances and moods, to which there's a mutual factor: destruction audible, almost visible.

The sheer power and acidity of the guitars -- undoubtedly the main driving force of the recording -- is phenomenal. No other recording in recent times has had so much bursting energy and violent dynamics, compared to _Timeless Reign's_ qualities, mirroring the physical demolition of everything with their brand of black metal.

Varying speeds keep the album interesting enough even for the attention deficit inflicted listeners amongst you, although Savrtsyn's true skills are highlighted through the slow passages, where they mix disheartening melancholy with the extreme animosity emanating from each note on _Timeless Reign_.

Unadulterated, calculated savagery with many a nuance and loads of atmosphere to satiate the beast in men.


(article published 31/12/2007)

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