Little Dead Bertha - _Way of Blind_
(Stygian Crypt Productions, 2005)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Little Dead Bertha have an interesting history. They formed in 1994 and released several demos, finally releasing their debut album in 1998, which didn't deviate too far from the romantic death/doom template. This was followed by _Two Sides_ in 2000, which had some goth metal tendencies, which were stronger on 2003's _Light and Shadows_. The band was now inexplicably known as Bertha. A few years later, they recorded this, their fourth album, and are back to their original name -- not that it is any great improvement.

_Way of Blind_ is not goth metal, nor is it a doom album; rather Little Dead Bertha weave a sonic tapestry with threads from melodic black and doom metal. The violinist has long since departed, but a soprano has been added and the keyboardist provides a symphonic backdrop when required. It's naturally and predictably more complex than their debut, yet for all their flaws, the demo possessed a certain grittiness which has been lost on this album. The production does not possess the overwhelming gloss of a Dimmu Borgir, but it is just a bit too sterile, as if it were produced by Peter TÃĪgtgren.

The combination of catchy melodies and black-lite will probably attract teenage drifters tiring of their Cradle of Filth collection, but not quite ready to cross over to full-blown black metal, as well as night clad denizens who want something to nod their head to.


(article published 14/1/2008)

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