Vardlokkur - _Med Doden Til Folge_
(Det Germanske Folket, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
Despite their love of runes, this Danish duo is firmly ensconced within the grim realm. The use of a proper drummer is a welcome in an era where machines are increasingly becoming the norm, and Saule does an above average job behind the skins. Given the impetus and fullness of sound provided by an actual drummer, his work is let down by an inadequate production and the thin guitar tone of his partner, Vrede. This is a key-free zone, although guest Ynleborgaz (Angantyr) tickles the ivories for a brief intro and outro (which is just the intro played backwards).

Since the recording of this MCD, Ynleborgaz has joined Vardlokkur as a full-fledged member. Perhaps he will be able to inject a sense of vitality into what is a rather nondescript interpretation of Norse blackness. It's not a horrible debut, but it cannot escape the sneaking suspicion that this recording was premature, that Vardlokkur are still far too early in the process of creating their own rune-drenched vision to justify a release anything other than a demo.


(article published 31/12/2007)

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