Apoptose - _Schattenmädchen_
(Tesco, 2007)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (7 out of 10)
Despite certain similarities, the bleak and abstract _Schattenmädchen_ differs both from Apoptose's _Nordland_ and _Blutopfer_. While previous albums were atmospheric, experimental and definitely situated in the (post) industrial genre, this is the first time that this German project ventures that deep into the dark waters of ambient and noise collages, garnished with keyboard melodies, spoken word vocals and apocalyptic samples.

Even though _ Schattenmädchen_ appears to be constructed almost entirely of previously released and reworked tracks, it does sound like a coherent, full blooded release that follows a common theme and doesn't lose integrity. Japanese cyberpunk guru and longtime industrial expert Kenji Siratori has contributed lyrics and reciting for one track, as well an extensive but hardly understandable text in the album's booklet.

As already mentioned, the music itself is low key and somewhat cinematic, yet never what you might refer to as 'background music' but rather an entrancing and ultimately an involving experience that proves rewarding, especially under the right conditions. Despite being a definite dark ambient release, Apoptose's latest does not sound intensely oppressive but is of a more dreamlike nature, borderline neoclassical at times. And, as tough as it is describing, let alone evaluating this type of music, _ Schattenmädchen_ is a competent release that is far from forgettable, unlike thousands of others in this particular genre.

Contact: http://www.apoptose.net/

(article published 21/11/2007)

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