Lay Down Rotten - _Reconquering the Pit_
(Metal Blade, 2007)
by: Jackie Smit (7.5 out of 10)
Joining a growing list of lesser-known death metal troupes who've recently found a home at Metal Blade, from first note to last Lay Down Rotten make no bones of their intention to rock out like it's 1992. It's almost a given then that you can practically taste the vintage Swedish influences throughout the course of this German quartet's fifth full-length. Yet, unlike some of their contemporaries (Fleshcrawl immediately come to mind), these lads inject their often overt musical hero-worship with just enough passion and songwriting sensibility to carry them safely across the line. Kicking into a higher gear around the album's halfway mark with the frankly pulverising "Demons Breed", they demonstrate a masterful knack for employing hooks with enough stopping power to rival Mike Tyson in his prime. Not a genre-defining work of genius by any stretch of the imagination, but highly entertaining all the same.


(article published 19/11/2007)

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