One Step Beyond - _Beyond Good and Evil_
(Indepedent, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (9 out of 10)
The second CD by the Australian trio (formerly quartet, before the untimely death of their guitarist) is an independent release, but will be released in the near future by Grindhead Records. Deservedly so, as this is easily one of the most experimental death metal albums I have ever heard since the untimely demise of Cynic.

Death metal is merely the foundation for their approach, which incorporates everything from prime Red Hot Chilli Peppers funk metal through to reggae. Bass is pervasive throughout the album and could even be compared to the manic bass wizardry of Les Claypool. Bass guitar sadly tends to be relegated to rudimentary note plucking in the background in most metal albums, but here to it comes to the fore and is an integral and defining aspect of their sound.

Not that guitarist, or any other musician here, is a slouch; each member has an important part to play in rendering a unique and highly experimental album, yet never staring too far from death metals roots. Amazingly, the entire album is a coherent, due in part to the powerful production, but more so to the talented song writing.

An exhilaratingly original album that deserves to be heard by everyone with an interest in the offbeat. Recommended.


(article published 21/11/2007)

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