AX - _Extirpation_
(Runefire Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
Mortaeus is the man behind AX's excursion down the path first laid down by his Norse kin some fifteen years ago, resulting in an icy and furious blackened assault, rebounding in shades of Immortal, Darkthrone, and Mayhem.

_Extirpation_ spans six songs which are jammed between an intro and outro, both of which stay away from keyboard trappings, relying on hypnotic and repetitive riffs and lacking the resolution to create the requisite frostbitten atmosphere. There is a touch of Burzum to these instrumentals, as well as during the band's brief excursion into dark ambient territory. The overall result is rather atmospheric, albeit a tad under produced, and a less muddy sound would have allowed those icy riffs to resonate more strongly, and permitted the bass to be a more effective generator of atmosphere.

There is little to recommend AX above numerous other acts performing a take on frost encrusted black metal, and while I will always have an appreciation for this style, it's doubtful whether those without a similar fascination and love will consider this to be a worthwhile listen. Actually, even those with a love of the genre will be hard-pressed to justify a purchase of this CD, when there are so many other bands, projects released over the years performing a similar style.


(article published 21/11/2007)

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