Defeated Sanity - _Psalms of the Moribund_
(Grindethic Records, 2007)
by: Kostas Sarampalis (5.5 out of 10)
The second slice of brutal death metal from this German quartet, _Psalms of the Moribund_ is strictly for genre-fans only. Not unpredictably in the death/grind world, most of the songs in the album are a barrage of brutality, with few tempo variations and no frills, simply good old pummelling and growling.

When the band spice up their sound slightly, like in "Butchered Identity" or the title track, things get a bit interesting and can raise the non-opiated listener's ear to take notice of something different happening; but for the most part, the songs blend into one another. That is the album's main weakness.

The constant low guttural growling is completely unintelligible, used more like a (very blunt) instrument rather than a means to convey lyrics. The drumming is rather good, and the atmosphere is suffocating enough. In fact, Suffocation is a good comparison to Defeated Sanity's sound. But there are not enough strong songs here to attract the non brutal death crowd. Competent, but the band need more work to elevate their brutality into art.


(article published 21/10/2007)

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