Trollech & Heiden - _Trollech vs Heiden_
(Naga Productions, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 and 7 respectively)
When Stiny Plamenu's Lord Morbivod reluctantly steps beyond his preferred subterranean habitat, he operates under the Trollech moniker, and is joined by Asura and Throllmas. Judging from song titles such as "Naturia" or "Burning Glades" it seems that Trollech take a stroll through folkloric territory, although calling a song "The Elf and the Nigh Spirit" is sufficiently cringe-inducing to drive a troll to willingly expose himself to the full might of the sun. But they are not the flute wavers that would be expected -- imagine folk melodies filtered through chugging thrash riffs and Bathory-tinged blackness and this should provide an indication of their approach. Together with Morbivod's (cited sans Lord) mandolin performance on "The Elf and the Night Spirit", that's the full extent of their folk inroads musically. As for the lyrical focus, the song titles speak for themselves, and I will leave it up to you, valued reader, to draw an appropriate conclusion. The production is pretty good allowing the searing riffs to have the maximum possible impact and results in a potent offering, perhaps even superior to Stiny Plamenu. Folk metal for the Barbarian Wrath crowd.

Heiden adopt a different approach. Like Trollech, they have an old school touch, but their three tracks are manifested in a completely different manner and suffer by comparison. In this bout, they have been truly knocked out by Trollech. Their serving is not entirely devoid of all merit and their more reflective and melancholic numbers are pleasing to the ear, but not of the same calibre as Trollech. This was also recorded in a different venue, which might explain why production is adequate and lacks the crispness of the former. An electronic tangent halfway through the last song comes as a surprise, but insufficient to elevate their offering much above average.


(article published 24/10/2007)

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