Taak - _Koerapoorio_
(Nailboard Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (5.5 out of 10)
Taak was initially established as a parallel band to Dawn of Gehenna in November 2005, with the same members. Unlike Dawn of Gehenna, they have chosen to sing in their native Estonian. They describe their music as "ugri doom", and whilst I have no idea what "ugri" means, I can say with certainty that the "doom" component is a complete misnomer. Sure, I can hear Sabbath touches, but these are manifested within a within a retro-minded hard rock framework rather than traditional doom a la Saint Vitus or Candlemass.

The Seventies flavour is enhanced by the omnipresent Hammond organ and Moog (one of the first synthesizers, also used on the Amorphis classic _Tales From the Thousand Lakes_). The vocalist is adept and possesses a slightly detached tone; however, his vocals are just as capable of being hated as loved.

I can't find any significant fault with the members' mastery of their instruments -- a lack of skill is not the album's major flaw. Neither is their use of the Estonian language -- although it may be a barrier towards finding a wider audience, especially when lyrics are clearly enunciated, instead of being growled or shrieked. No, the major problem with this album are the weak compositions, as despite an overall pleasing sound and competent musicians, their vision is poorly realised and the songs fail to make an impact on the listener.

Contact: http://www.nailboard.org

(article published 16/10/2007)

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