Helgrind - _Fallen Prophet_
(Casket Music, 2007)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (5.5 out of 10)
Well performed but reasonably generic thrash that fails to capture the attention and/or imagination. From the mechanistic, double-bass heavy production lifted from Pantera's Vinnie Paul to Paul Nelson's stultifying, restrained attempt at raspy vocals, very little on _Fallen Prophet_'s four tracks takes hold. I've bitched in the past about Casket Music's puzzling strategy of releasing more EPs / mini-CDs than they do actual full-length albums, but if this is the best a particular band has to offer, then I'm probably better off only having a quartet of songs to contend with. The shame is that the label consistently affords their bands a decent production budget, but with few exceptions most have a here today, gone tomorrow vibe about them. Helgrind are, alas, another of those bands.

Contact: http://www.helgrind.co.uk

(article published 11/10/2007)

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