Vengeful - _Karma_
(Disconcert Music, 2007)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (8.5 out of 10)
The previously obscure Vengeful sure manage to create a racket right out of the gates with the 1:55-long "Sentenced" refusing to pace itself, all the musical ideas normally contained in one pent up five minute track spilling relentlessly out of a rent open laceration in the concept of restraint. The band continue on in this stride for a couple more ditties, and then things really get interesting with "Counterfeit Deity". Whereas the opening track had distilled the usual death metal tropes into a concentrated 115 seconds, "Counterfeit Deity" crams together enough ideas for a full EP's worth of songs in one ten minute orgy of exploding blast beats and collapsing riff structures. Rather than coming off as schizophrenic and fragmented, the pieces all flow together in epic congruence.

Despised Icon's Alexandre Pelletier proves an ace session drummer, pummeling and propelling his way through a gauntlet of wired up guitar riffs and encyclopedic vocal effects, with pick up drummer making his own case on the disc's remaining four songs (Pelletier was brought in to help out before Gagnon was acquired as the band's regular skinsman). With other songs clocking in anywhere from 1:50 to 8:02, there is a certain variety in approach throughout the album, while still allowing the whole shebang to rage on virtually unabated from start to finish. The unchecked technicality of the paired drummers' percussive barrage and the theatrical variations in Marc-Andre Grenier's vocal delivery maintain the artistic momentum despite the juggernaut blitz of the album's pacing. Well done.


(article published 11/10/2007)

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