Stonecreep - _We Bleed Disaster_
(Independent, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
Stonecreep may have heavy guitars, but that is insufficient to disguise the fact that they are primarily a rock band -- they certainly didn't pick up those melodies and rhythms from the more extreme end of the metal scale! But this is not a criticism, merely a descriptive observation, as Stonecreep prove to be adept at providing four servings of neck-whippin', hard 'n' heavy rockers, including a more than competent cover of Dio's "Man on the Silver Mountain".

There is no pretence at creating a contemporary sound here, as Stonecreep look to the past for their inspiration, picking up influences from both the Seventies and Eighties and tossing all into their heady cauldron. A powerful sound is their sole concession to modernity, with nary a rolling drop d barre chord riff or chunky bass note to be found. Their songs are imbued with a slightly sleazy tone, and a picture on the inside inlay of band members holding drinks confirms their lowbrow approach as well as informing us that this is a band out not only to provide some rockin' beats but, more importantly, to enjoy themselves.


(article published 11/10/2007)

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