Eilera - _Fusion_
(Spinefarm, 2007)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (5 out of 10)
Being this certain type of blue-eyed, blond haired beauty that French singer Eilera is, certainly helps in any musical scene. Still, CoC is no fashion magazine, nor does any band fronted by a fair dame impress us that easily.

The essence of _Fusion_ instantly becomes obvious: this album stands for the most blatant type of gothic metal minus corsets and vampyric fetish. A slight touch of Celtic folk music is present, and the fiddle does add some life into the otherwise downright unimaginative tracks filled with simplistic guitar chords. Presumably, the main treat here is Eilera's voice: it is indeed powerful and richly textured, but this becomes irrelevant when taking into account the poor songwriting.

Presumably, lyrics deal with life, love and Eilera's "two obsessions of all times: freedom and beauty". Truth is, the lyrics are atrocious -- the result of a poor command of the English language and a lifetime of exposure to the worst of rock clichés. Some stunning examples follow:

"You burned your fingers on the flame of love, did you?... Mine are still smoking..."

"You could be my Guy, right? You could be my Wild One… All right!"

"Would I want you for sex or would I want you for love?"

_Fusion_ only hints at potential, nothing more.

Contact: http://www.eilera.com/

(article published 11/10/2007)

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