The Sin:Decay - _Rehabilitation_
(Nailboard, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (5 out of 10)
Although Nailboard Records concentrate almost exclusively on Estonian bands, the presence of this Finnish quartet proves they are not averse to releasing and supporting international acts. Why they decided these Finns were suitable ambassadors for international expansion remains a mystery, as their rendition of industrial metal is one of the most nondescript I've ever heard in the genre.

There is no one reason as to why _Rehabilitation_ is so exceedingly dull; a combination of simple riffs, an inadequate guitar tone, a strong goth atmosphere and comparatively diminished use of industrial dance effects all bear responsibility for creating this narcoleptic exercise. Although not dissimilar to what The Kovenant or Deathstars are doing, the lack of energy within these numbers renders it incomprehensible that any could ever be a goth / industrial / metal dancefloor staple. I cannot even point to a particularly bad or particularly good track, as no song was good or bad enough to stand out from the others -- all are at a roughly equal level of mediocrity. I can't find any indication that the band will improve, but neither can I find any indication that they will stay at the same dismal level for subsequent recordings.


(article published 3/10/2007)

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