Mytile Vey Lorth - _Disillution_
(Prime Cuts, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
Mytile Vey Lorth started as doom/black combo, but have since migrated to the speedier side of the spectrum. Perhaps they consider their relentless speed to be a strength or selling point, maybe even the definitive aspect of their sound, and I certainly wouldn't expect a band grounded in Scandinavian blackened death to move at a bureaucratic pace; but the lack of dynamism means this quickly becomes a blur of blazing riffs, thundering drums and little else. There are a few moments of comparative serenity, but too infrequent to have any substantial effect.

Mytile Vey Lorth are not the only band I've reviewed this month who perform at non-stop breakneck pace. French black metallers Crystalium also focus too much on speed, but the reason why Crystalium succeeds where Mytile Vey Lorth fail lies in the lies in the intricacies of Crystallium's guitar work.

In their defence, many songs do start out strong, but lose focus as they drag on. Their balls out blasting is not suited for eight minute numbers, and that much of the monotony could be alleviated by some judicious editing -- a minute or even more could be shaved off each song without losing any of the intensity.

Overall, _Disillution_ is above average, but some more work needs to be done and the release of a full-length is premature.


(article published 9/9/2007)

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