Every Time I Die - _The Big Dirty_
(Ferret Records, 2007)
by: Jackie Smit (8.5 out of 10)
Like Billy the Kid, hopped up on up cheap Scottish double-malt and wielding a pair of six-shooters, Every Time I Die have always been something of an anomaly; a band who readily stick up two fingers to popular conventions, yet comfortably maintain a level of acceptance that seems almost surreal. No Swedo-rock flourishes for these New Yorkers, nor so much as a hint of a syrup-drizzled chorus; instead, Every Time I Die specialise in aggrandized, alpha-male violence.

Much as they did with their previous opus, on _The Big Dirty_ they quickly hitch their proverbial wagon to the nearest runaway train and take us all along for the ride. "No Son of Mine" is a car-wreck of spasmodic rhythms, discordance and good old-fashioned hardcore, with frontman Keith Buckly exorcising inner demons with all the blunt honesty of a performance artist writhing naked on shards of broken glass. Skip ahead, and "Leatherneck" delivers a brief two-minute respite from the chaos, perfectly setting the tone for what will surely be the band's new mosh-pit anthem in "We'rewolf". Indeed with its taunting chorus of "Which one of you sons of bitches is going to make me feel alive", it all but seals the deal that this quintet is perhaps the finest band going on the Ferret roster -- bar none.

Contact: http://www.everytimeidie.com/

(article published 9/9/2007)

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