Mons Lvnae - _Seven Winds_
(Independent, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
Mons Lvnae is a Portuguese entrant into the overpopulated world of angelic voiced female fronted metal. Strange how there is no shortage of such bands, but finding a band with a female guitarist or drummer is near impossible...

The vocalist has clearly been on the receiving end of some classical training, and although she may be no stranger to vocal acrobatics, she stays away from operatics. There are plenty of other similar bands out there however, and there is little to distinguish them other than the use of a flute. Strangely, the flute is not used to create a folkish air, but occupies the void normally reserved for piano, violin or cello. Some growling vocals do appear, but purely as backing when extra emphasis is required -- but this approach is so overdone, that it does little other than to draw attention to the rather generic nature of this release.

Mons Lvnae may have a decent album trapped inside of their collective body, but they will have a considerable mountain to traverse before that album is emancipated.


(article published 24/8/2007)

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