Bleiburg - _Way of Crosses_
(The Eastern Front, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Bleiburg is named after the site of a massacre in 1945, which involved mass executions of soldiers and civilians who were fleeing from the defeated Independent State of Croatia, a puppet nation of Nazi Germany. Thus, it is not surprising that martial moments are present, although not as frequently as one would expect. Indeed, Bleiburg has opted to provide a highly varied album that contains at least five distinct styles.

Firstly, there are some full-blown martial moments, such as the gloriously bombastic intro. Secondly, there are several snippets of what I imagine are folk-orientated Slavic numbers from the World War II era. This is hardly unusual for a martial orientated act, except most would use numbers designed to quicken the blood and not something that sounds like an Eastern Frank Sinatra. Also included are some elementary industrial dance numbers, as well as some ambient orientated tracks. Lastly, there are several songs of brooding martial tones not dissimilar to the last Les Joyaux de la Princesse album. I wasn't exaggerating when I said it was varied.

To Bleiburg's credit, he keeps the various ideas separate and the album is alrgely consistent -- with the exception of the industrial dance numbers, the simplicity of which is rivalled only by their tediousness. But the remaining styles do work for the most part, although some feel inchoate; and while the album won't win any accolades, money won't be wasted either.


(article published 15/8/2007)

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