Lucifer Was - _The Divine Tree_
(Record Heaven, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
If you are looking for cutting edge music, you won't find it on Record Heaven's roster. But if you are looking for variations on hard rock and metal that was popular in the 1970s and 1980s, then there is much to be found within the label's catalogue. Lucifer Was is one such band.

Performing a style of hard rock with proggy influences that was perhaps last popular in the 1970s, Lucifer Was pay no heed to the passage of time. As far as time between formation and debut album release goes, this must surely rank as a world record, as Lucifer Was gigged in the Oslo area before calling it a day in 1974, only to reform and release their debut album in 1997!

_The Divine Tree_ is their fourth album, and apart from a stronger and more lucid production than would have been the case in the '70s, there is no concession to anything that happened during their hibernation. It is a rather varied album: the first track features a flute, immediately evoking comparisons with Jethro Tull, whilst the use of a harmonica on the following track imbues it with a bluesy feel and "The First Mover" is an obligatory power ballad.

The record is a rather mixed bag, strung together by engaging compositions and the endearing vocals. It is quite far out of my preferred styles of music, but I nonetheless enjoyed it more than just a bit, and I imagine it will still be listened to in six months.


(article published 27/7/2007)

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