Liveevil - _Arctangel_
(Crystal Production, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
Liveevil epitomise what one would expect from a band revelling under the aegis of The Kovenant: inspired industrial metal, potent riffs melded with electronic effects, and some punchy yet melodic choruses. Unusually, their vocalist and bassist are their strengths; the bass is prominent and provides a much needed low-end, whilst the vocalist exhibits considerable variety, ranging from a baritone goth rock style through to a shouted style not dissimilar to Paradise Lost circa _Icon_, even tossing in a few death growls along the way.

Although clearly designed with an eye at getting the goths with a penchant for guitars onto the dance floor, and consequently upbeat, there is one slower number, "Hero", which is actually one of the highlights on the album. Also included are two bonus tracks, taken from their demo. Superficially similar, they lack the catchiness of the album's tracks and have a greater gothic influence. A rather decent debut from this Czech band who are sure to make their mark on the industrial metal universe in upcoming years.


(article published 24/7/2007)

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