Heidevolk - _Wodan Heerst_
(Independent, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
This three track MCD is essentially a teaser for Heidevolk's upcoming full-length album, consisting of one new song, a reworking of an old song and a cover. Normally, I would dismiss such an exercise as a transparent attempt by a label to extract even more money form unsuspecting fans, but this argument cannot be sustained when the artists in question are an independent band attempting to make a name for themselves -- and certainly not when some money has gone into producing a more than decent digipak. In any case, any band whose first European tour was as a support act for Kampfar must have some merit.

The album opens with the strongest song, which is naturally their new song, a jaunty and up-tempo pagan metal song replete with fiddle and clear (although slightly out of tune) vox. Some judicious editing would have been welcome, as it does drag on unnecessarily for a bit. This is immediately followed by a "special version" of "Het bier zal weer Vloeien". Now, my Dutch is not the strongest, but "bier" is rather unambiguous, and although it is a more downbeat number, it is no less suitable for ale-swigging.

In keeping with the nationalist tenor of heathenism, Heidevolk have opted to cover "Vulgaris Magistralis", originally by fellow countrymen Normaal, who are apparently Dutch rock legends. Not in any way related to pagan metal, Normaal's chugging thrash rhythms immediately mark this as a cover.

Overall, I will have to recommend the band, who will be a welcome addition to the pagan / folk / Viking pantheon; but it may be more worthwhile to await the arrival of their next full-length, rather than to purchase this MCD.

Contact: http://www.heidevolk.com

(article published 24/7/2007)

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