Barbara - _Peger_
(Heart and Crossbone, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Barbara? Barbara?? If they wish to have any sort of metal credibility, this better be a Hebrew word for something a bit more intimidating than the frontman's girlfriend. The title is little better, being Hebrew for "corpse" -- still bad, but at least it's metal!

Actually, Barbara's metal status is highly debatable -- surely the presence of an amplified guitar is a prerequisite? Only a bass guitar is used, alongside vocals and drums; no synths or keyboards are credited and none appear to have been used, at least not in any recognisable format. This does not mean that _Peger_ hasn't been fucked up beyond belief though.

Possessing an air of deliberate looseness combined with a desire to play around with the sound has resulted in a rather unusual experience. The vocals are suitably vicious; the bass appears to be played as a rhythm guitar Necromantia style, but in a more casual fashion. Lyrically, they seem to comfortably alternate between Hebrew and English. This is probably most like EyeHateGod and can be considered as industrialized sludge doom -- but both the comparison and label are rather tenuous, and the reader is urged not take this statement too seriously.

I am not too sure who would enjoy this project. Too much attention is paid to metal structures (even if the purpose is to subvert and reconstruct such artifices) for the noise fanatics, while metal fans may be put off by its seeming randomness and general improvisational atmosphere, despite David Opp's drumming prowess and Ram Hareuveny's searing vox. But that's an enigma for their label's PR and marketing department to solve. I like it just fine.


(article published 24/7/2007)

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