Angantyr - _Haevn_
(Det Germanske Folket, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
Despite the cover picture of a Viking drakkar and the huge teiwaz (victory) rune on the inlay, Angantyr's blasting rhythms are more closely allied with black than Viking metal. Not to mention the overall look -- the po-faced, corpse-painted style is not very popular with the rune scribblers. Still, I’m willing to bet that his lyrical topics are not too far removed from those of his hammer wielding brethren, even though he (sole member is one Ynleborgaz) sings entirely in Danish, not a language I am familiar with.

Although Angantyr has a liking for blasting and slower numbers, their quality is negatively affected by being overlong -- unlike a novelist, the lone musician does not have the benefit of an editor, and all his ideas could easily be expressed in shorter songs without diluting any of the atmosphere while in all likelihood enhancing their impact. Angantyr also seems to be imbue his songs with an epic touch, especially on the less intense numbers; but the epic touch remains nothing more than that, and is insufficiently developed to reproduce the jaw dropping heroism of a Bathory or Moonsorrow -- both of whom are surely kin in approach, if not sound. The intermittent use of a cello adds little to the album, apart from acting as a mournful closer.

Perhaps in the future he will be able to construct lengthy monsters with more than a wisp of the epic, but this album is too long and overly basic.


(article published 24/7/2007)

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