The Austrasian Goat - _The Austrasian Goat_
(I Hate Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (5.5 out of 10)
The Austrasian Goat takes his name from the region of Austrasia, which formed the north-eastern portion of the Kingdom of the Merovingian Franks, and comprises territory now part of present day eastern France, western Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The bovine one (a Julian Louvet, also responsible for 213 Records) has presented a rather eclectic mix of black doom and ambient that is misleadingly marketed as a must for those into the suicidal sounds of Nortt, Xasthur and Leviathan. If one listens carefully, one can hear doomy black riffs; however, the bombastic keyboard atmospherics (which invite comparisons with Summoning) overpower the guitars.

Any one of these songs would make for a great intro -- and therein lies the problem; none of these songs are sufficiently developed, and they lack the resolution that would be provided by a "proper" song. A pity, as most could be developed into "true" songs without much trouble.


(article published 4/7/2007)

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