Forever in Terror - _Restless in the Tides_
(Metal Blade, 2007)
by: Jackie Smit (6 out of 10)
Fifty zillion melodic death metal bands in, and one of extreme music's most overwrought sub-genres amazingly shows no sign of waning; at least as far as new product is concerned. And so while record labels continue to pump as many albums out as the pressing plants can deliver, one wonders at what point people are going to tire of hearing the same ideas presented in a different, albeit equally slick package. Still, that mordant diatribe aside, even a jaded old git like myself has to admit that there have been exceptions -- This Machine's stunning recent opus for starters proved a highly credible exception to the rule.

Interestingly, Ohio's Forever in Terror sit squarely in the middle of that divide, with every track across _Restless in the Tides_ featuring enough interesting bits to keep them from sucking outright. Add to that the fact that the collective age of the band only narrowly exceeds that of Mick Jagger, and you can't help but admire how ferociously tight they perform the likes of "Destroy Us" and "In the Face of the Faceless". Commendable qualities aside however, this quintet still wears their influences just a little too vividly on their sleeves to truly stand out from a rapidly growing crowd.


(article published 23/6/2007)

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