Kobus! - _Swaar Metaal_
(Rhythm Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8.5 out of 10)
Kobus! are no strangers to the entertainment sections of the mainstream South African press, largely due to their two previous albums of radio friendly rock. So I when I came across a number of articles earlier this year about how they had made the first Afrikaans heavy metal album, my interest was piqued, especially as members Francois and Paul Blom's former band was VOD, one of the earliest pioneers of South African extreme metal. It may be an unusual move to make this late in their career, but this did allow them access to a budget that probably would not have been available to any of their metal contemporaries in this part of the world.

The guttural tones of Afrikaans (a Dutch dialect) are well suited towards this brand of heavy metal. This is not the dated variety preferred by so many, but a modern interpretation with the punch it is needed. The lyrics focus on socio-political issues, but this is no Sepultura, and although Kobus! are far from being a metal parody band in the S.O.D. or Spinal Tap mould, there is a sense that they have their tongues embedded firmly in their cheek.

This is the metal album South Africa has been crying out for; an album able to appeal to the mainstream orientated rock fan yet will also grab the attention of the serious metalhead and may prove to be the catalyst needed to galvanise the scene.

Contact: http://www.rhythmrecords.co.za

(article published 23/6/2007)

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