Impiety - _Asateerul Awaleen_
(Shivadarshana Records, 1996)
by: Henry Akeley (5 out of 10)
As Drew pointed out during a recent e-mail exchange, it seems like my experience with the latest Gehennah album would've taught me that a band's talent for humor doesn't necessarily translate into actual musical prowess. But I guess I didn't learn my lesson from _King of the Sidewalk_. So, when I recently read about the hilarious insults which Impiety had heaped on the Norwegian black metal scene, I decided I'd really like to hear their music. But now that I have, I can't come up with anything very nice to say about it. It's chaotic black metal which is lacking in anything special, except perhaps for the outrageous song titles and the members' outlandish black metal get-ups. I'm particularly fond of the outfit sported by Mister Al-Markum Abyydos, who performs the "Hellharp of Witchbitchery." There appear to be more nails decorating this guy's wardrobe than there are holding up my house. Sadly, though, the band's performance is far from Witch-bitch-errific. Boring riffs occupy most of the album's playing time, and the songs generally don't have much development or atmosphere. Powerless, overly-high-pitched vocals don't help. I bet it would be pretty fun if lyrics were provided, but they're not. It's too bad, too, because you've just got to want to like an album with song titles like "Divine Humatahan Frostfuck". Maybe next time. I'm not writing these guys off yet.

(article published 7/6/1997)

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