Sauron - _The Channeling Void_
(Carnal Records, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
It appears that there is more in the Dutch air than the pungent sweet aroma of marijuana, as Sauron are the latest in an increasingly strong line of black metal bands from this minute northern land. Like their compatriots, Sauron do not figure prominently in the originality department, but compensate through an intense and engaging interpretation.

Do not be fooled by the band name; this is proper black metal, not some castrated twerp who has yet to abandon his adolescent fascination with hobbits and other assorted nonsense. Judging from the few bits I have heard from their previous two albums, Sauron have improved noticeably, as the compositions are more potent, with a greater attention paid to detail. The guitar tone is deliciously sleazy and raw, and there is a definite Mayhem influence present in the manner in which Sauron are able to create an astounding atmosphere without resorting to acoustic guitars or keyboards -- not as easy to do as one may have thought. It does take a while to get into; I initially dismissed it as a rather boring and dull entrant, but became more engaged over the course of several listens as its nuances and intricacies were exposed.

Countess, Fluisterwoud, Galgeras, Haatstrijd, Weltbrand and now Sauron -- has the Dutch black metal scene ever been this strong?


(article published 1/5/2007)

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