April - _Tidelines_
(Spinefarm, 2007)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (2 out of 10)
So, we've got these guys with fancy haircuts, wearing skating clothes that make them look cool. Plus, they have opened for Bullet for My Valentine. Their lyrics contain lines such as "Love makes one blind / I gave up without a fight" and "She drew first blood / Made me come undone / She tore my scars open wide". You've guessed it: April are a bunch of emo kids delivering yet another musical take on teen angst and adolescent heartbreak.

Guitar screeching and painful screams in "Souls of Elimination" suggest there is a certain nu-metal and alternative element thrown into their music, but still, this is miles away from Deftones and Funeral for a Friend. _Tidelines_ is a waste of time, through and through -- song after song of pretentious noise and cliché chords, structures and lyrics. "First Blood", "Two Steps (For a New Revolution)" and especially the cello and piano backed ballad "Fading" were obviously meant to be touching displays of artistic sensitivity, but are, in fact, awful cheese.

Painfully predictable and totally unnecessary, I'm afraid.

Contact: http//www.aprilweb.net

(article published 1/5/2007)

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