Sable Mouvant - _Bridge That Leads Nowhere_
(Autarkeia, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (8 out of 10)
To describe dark ambient as "minimalist" is the equivalent of describing black metal as "minimalist" -- so close to being an inherent requirement of the genre, that to describe any band as such is practically redundant. But there are varying degrees and different manifestations of minimalism, and Sable Mouvant seem content to take minimalism to its logical extreme.

The five tracks that are presented here consist almost entirely of mind-warping drones. Of course, they are highly repetitive; but not in a negative manner. Indeed, their nature hypnotises the listener and draws them deeper into the world of Sable Mouvant; this is highly repetitive, but in a positive manner, and that is exactly the point.

Do not make the mistake of assuming their simplistic, stripped down approach translates as "simple". It takes skill to make music stripped down to its basics yet also utterly enthralling.


(article published 25/4/2007)

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