Donis - _Vacuum_
(Autarkeia, 2004)
by: Quentin Kalis (4 out of 10)
"Vacuum" can be defined as "space empty of all matter", a definition which makes the title rather apt. Even the CD cover is strongly minimalist, consisting of an all black cover, interrupted only by two bisecting lines of a deeper hue and a few essential album details -- such as artist and title.

In line with the album's minimalism theme, _Vacuum_ is a cold bleak experience through drone territory, in stark contrast to the richly enchanting and charming folksy orientation of _Alexandreia_. And not a short trip either -- there is only one track, lasting for an ass-numbing 65 minutes!

When an album contains one enormous song, there are two dangers: that the song will sound like several songs tacked on after another, or that it will be overlong. _Vacuum_ falls squarely into the second category, consisting of little more than drones, wind blowing and a few scraping metal effects. All the ideas are exhausted well before the halfway point, nor do the additional minutes enhance the atmosphere in any significant manner.

Although it was released in 2004, _Vacuum_ was recorded in 1997. I have no idea why this happened, nor could I even venture why -- it is grossly inferior to their later work, the superb _Alexandreia_, a comparison to which merely enhances the self-indulgent nature of this belated and somewhat opportunistic release.


(article published 25/4/2007)

4/5/2007 Q Kalis 9.5 Donis - Alexandreia
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