Dying Fetus - _War of Attrition_
(Relapse, 2007)
by: Jeremy Ulrey (8 out of 10)
After saddling themselves with a number of ill-received hardcore variations on 2003's much maligned _Stop at Nothing_, John Gallagher has regrouped (literally) with a reaffirmation of his death metal roots on this year's _War of Attrition_. It's more or less as if the band hadn't missed a beat. Personally, I thought _Stop at Nothing_ was a bit underrated and represented a successful broadening of the palette; but with the likes of metalcore growing in influence and popularity in the years thence, I can see how it might be deemed important to clarify whether you're a white hat or black hat kind of guy, and Dying Fetus are once again firmly entrenched in the death metal arena.

Which makes reviewing the album an exceedingly lackadaisical prospect. You already know you're getting exactly eight songs -- no more, no less -- of medium-length, breakneck technical death metal. Anything positive I have to say about the material is a straight rehash on the merits of all pre-2003 Fetus albums (ie. memorable riffs, captivating energy level, etc.), while the only real negative would be the increasing interchangeability of a growing number of records to choose from. Maybe deep down that's the only reason I have a soft spot for _Stop at Nothing_: it's the only sore thumb in the bunch.

Contact: http://www.dyingfetus.com

(article published 20/4/2007)

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