Allegiance - _Blodornsoffer_
(No Fashion, 1997)
by: Drew Snow (6 out of 10)
_Blodornsoffer_ is Allegiance's second offering on No Fashion Records, and follows much the same path as its predecessor, _Hymn Till Hangagud_. Specifically, Viking black/death with boring songwriting and uninspiring execution. _Blodornsoffer_ is perhaps a little more manic than _HTH_, and less melodic; in fact, at times its sheer ferocity and brutality make _HTH_ sound like In Flames or something, at least _HTH_ showed some glimpses of creativity, whereas _Blodornsoffer_ is an exercise in total musical mayhem, oftentimes coming off as a mish-mash of thrown together riffs. Sometimes, this can be good, and actually there -are- a couple of decent tracks on the album, but these are the ones that break away from the "mayhemic" mold and are for the most part slower and more thought out. The buzzsaw guitars and loose production don't help matters. I think if you tried to listen to this with the volume turned up loud, you'd be scraping your eardrums off the walls. The bottom line is that Allegiance haven't changed in any dramatic fashion since their debut, and since _Hymn Till Hangagud_ wasn't anything special, you know what to expect with _Blodornsoffer_.

(article published 7/6/1997)

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