The Orchid's Curse - _Goodbye Is When the Casket Closes..._
(Diminished Fifth Records, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
The Orchid's Curse are a new entrant to the metal nu-skool, and they have established their own label, Diminished Fifth Records, to release their material -- at least until an established label displays interest!

Although they are to be commended for their DIY ethic, there is really not much here that has not already been done in metalcore south of the 39th parallel. All the usual elements are present, from catchy riffs and groove-filled breakdowns through to shouted and "emotional" vocals.

The production is more than sufficient, and their DIY ethic combined with their musicianship may yet allow them to proceed to something greater; but at the moment, this is a rather ordinary album that does not contain anything foreign for anyone familiar with this style.


(article published 15/4/2007)

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