Noesis - _Excerpts of Vidhya_
(Independent, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
With members from Poland, Russia and India (all currently based in Illinois, USA), Noesis have a ready-made selling point as the United Nations of metal. Not that their sound is particularly exotic -- Noesis take their cue from the technical strain of death metal with a touch of thrash and a sprinkling of melody.

The production could be improved; I get the strong feeling that I am missing out on much of the intricacies of their playing due to their inadequate production. At least Ramki's vocals are not drowned out: his are some of the most vicious I've heard, and it really does sound as if he is doing irreparable damage to his larynx -- although he does provide his vocal cords with a much needed break on the final track, "Maja", which showcases some passable clean vocals.

As the name suggests, pioneering legends Cynic are one of their influences, especially in respect of the basswork -- not that the guitarists or drummer are slouches. This release is sufficient to gain my interest, and their interest in Eastern mysticism (what I assume to be Hinduism) is a welcome break from the European heathen reconstructionists that dominate. As with many in their salad days, I get the distinct impression that they are still finding their sound, but they are on the right path.


(article published 15/4/2007)

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