Mourning Dawn - _Mourning Dawn_
(Total Rust Music, 2007)
by: Andreas Marouchos (8 out of 10)
I was introduced to Mourning Dawn's self-titled debut with a mixed sense of doubt and apprehension, but all my concerns were soon to be allayed by the album's unmistakable quality. The oppressively tense feelings that this album exudes really do stir the most sensitive souls among us, but this is only one part of the equation. Even if a song is dragging at pain-staking paces or culminating in aptly placed black metal climaxes, it is evident that the people behind this work have actually put effort into making a convincing and repressive piece of delightfully morose black/doom metal.

To further add to the necessary poetics, Mourning Dawn is the audial equivalent of a dilapidated milieu of utter desolation (sorry, I just can't help it), and this is the truth. Aided by the tattered production, the atmosphere here becomes gripping and penetrating; no wonder at first I had a feeling of cathartic release when the album's near one hour long duration hit its finish mark.

If you're into bands like Bethlehem, Deinonychus or one of those people who think that Katatonia just sold out after _Dance of December Souls_, be sure to check this one out.


(article published 5/4/2007)

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