Dapnom - _Acres Prealables_
(Insidious Poisoning Records, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (5 out of 10)
French black metal has proven itself to be adequate (at least more so than their northerly peers) in creating ambient textures, such as in the work of Moevoet; but Dapnom do not appear to be part of this heritage. True, Dapnom, are not black metal by any stretch of the imagination, and their ambient textures place them squarely amongst the likes of Lustmord or Raison d'Être rather than Vlad Tepes or Mutiilation. However, there is no doubt that Dapnom is attempting to create a blackened atmosphere that would be more appropriate as an accompaniment for the Les Legiones Noires than for a fan of Raison d'Être.

The four songs consist of directionless meanderings through soundscapes that are just too cliché to effectively sustain a foreboding atmosphere -- more than some blowing wind, some chirping cicadas, some drones, intermittent oh-so-evil strident key bashing. If done properly it can be absolutely beautiful, but when it is done poorly, it is simply deadly dull. Ambient isn't something that anyone with a keyboard can do. Like all musical forms, it does require at least some degree of skill to pull off effectively.

Contact: http://www.insidious-poisoning.com

(article published 27/3/2007)

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