Sammath - _Dodengang_
(Folter Records, 2006)
by: Kostas Sarampalis (7 out of 10)
Yummy. Primitive black metal that not only does not suck, but is actually a tad interesting. _Dodengang_ is Sammath's third album and presents us with a furious collection of eight tracks of that kind of black metal that plays tug-of-war between early Darkthrone and early Marduk.

It is interesting that Sammath chose to interplay the thick wall of sound that the drums and rhythm guitars build with a tremolo-happy lead guitar. This and the fact that some of the songs have actual identity in the album make for an at least curious first few listens. The album's title track, for example, starts slow and heavy only to break into a demented lead half way through. Elsewhere, you will notice that the drums play a vital role in ascending the songs by providing a decent enough tempo variation, all the while being organic and competently performed. Since there are plenty of black metal releases that get buried under either incoherent or incompetent drumming, it makes for a welcome change.

The album unfortunately does not keep a consistent quality throughout its course, but there are enough good tracks to recommend this release, especially the title track and the closing duo. "Merciless" repeats the kind of out-there lead riffing that attracted me at the start of the album, and is a very well chosen conclusion. I doubt Sammath will ever break out of the second class tier of the black metal circle, but for plenty out there, myself included, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


(article published 25/3/2007)

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