Mors Principium Est - _Liberation = Termination_
(Listenable Records, 2007)
by: Kostas Sarampalis (8.5 out of 10)
Here is the pickle: I like Mors Principium Est's previous album so much, that my anticipation and expectations for this new effort of theirs were probably next to impossible to be met. _The Unborn_ stands in my heart as one of the best melodic death metal albums. Period. The technical ability of the musicians, the ultra precise thundering of the drums, the unmatched riff-fest and even the slight experimentation with electronics, all added up to make it almost unsurpassable.

_Liberation = Termination_ is now album number three for the Finnish collective. While the first couple of listens disappointed me, perseverance made me appreciate the new album for what it is and not just as the follow-up to _The Unborn_. The formula has not changed much, and what you get is a collection of very tight, fast and melodic death metal songs, Gothenburg style. The closest peer is probably late Dark Tranquillity. The interesting fact is that Mors Principium Est are equally -- if not more -- talented and skilful musicians than any band in the scene they tread on. Each member handles their respective instruments with such precision and force that the skill in itself elevates the album. The vocals are slightly monochromatic, but they are very aggressive and effective and suit the album very well.

I relish the savagery of "Sinner's Defeat", the melody in "Finality" and the staccato drumming in "Cleansing Rain". The speed breaks down toward the second half of the album and "The Distance Between" allows the synths to explore a few more corners. The songs take some time to distinguish themselves from each other, something that was not the case in their previous album. Nevertheless, the album unveils itself after successive listens; and although originality is not really the word of the day, Mors Principium Est manage to craft an album that will stick to your mind, with songs you will want to sing and tap and headbang to.

Since the album was recorded, Jori Haukio, the band's main song writer and guitarist, has decided to leave. This will more likely affect the future direction of Mors Principium Est. For the time being, if _The Unborn_ is Master, then _Liberation = Termination_ is Master's sexiest Slave. Invest.


(article published 20/2/2007)

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