Satanic Blood - _Satanic Live Massacre_
(Sadolust, 2006)
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 10)
A live release might seem premature for a band with only one 7" and a cassette release under their belt and who further make the odd "boast" that they do not rehearse. Don't know to what extent it is true, but the fact that it is believable is a sad indictment of the quality of their music. The songs are untitled, so I have no idea to what extent material on this is old or new. The performance is par for the course for a band of this nature; less excusable is the shoddy mix -- the guitars are far too low and the drums sound hollow, especially the snare. This makes it hard to accurately gauge the calibre of the music, but my gut feeling, combined with what I can discern, suggests that I am not missing much. Overall, the quality is still better than that of bootleg, but not by much.

One department in which they do shine is the pseudonyms, where colourful hyperbole is the name of the game. Unholy Sodomizer of the Virgin Lambs, Masturbating God on the stench of Burning Death, and Molestor of Jehovah's Horde of Decapitated Angels are the constituent members.

Perhaps Satanic Blood perform a vicious live show; if so, it is not apparent from this utterly pointless release.


(article published 4/2/2007)

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