Since the Flood - _No Compromise_
(Metal Blade, 2007)
by: Jackie Smit (7.5 out of 10)
If Since the Flood impressed you with their 2005 debut, _Valor & Vengeance_, they're likely to moisten your nether regions once again with their sophomore outing. Sticking closely to the bricks and mortar hardcore of their first record, this Massachusetts quartet pull their punches like pros, piling on intensity and aggression in mammoth doses. The results are almost elementary: "Gone Tomorrow" is a belter of an opening track, oscillating between beatdowns and up-tempo galloping grooves that guarantee results, while "Everything to Lose" tips its hat to Cro-Mags in a most venerable and potent fashion.

With little save for the odd melody separating _No Compromise_ from its predecessor, this hardly represents the biggest step forward for StF musically, but then again, the album title should be enough of a hint that anything like progression was never on the cards for these gents to begin with. For the time being, they remain a sterling example of a band who don't need to resort in whiny lasciviousness to get their point across.


(article published 25/1/2007)

10/10/2005 J Smit 8 Since the Flood - Valor & Vengeance
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