The Prophecy - _Revelations_
(No Face Records, 2007)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
With their stock clearly on the rise, as indicated by their drummer participating in the latest My Dying Bride album, British doom ensemble The Prophecy return with their second full-length album. _Revelations_ is also The Prophecy's first label album, as far as I am aware, and the first to break away from demo material. It is, first and foremost, more consistent than its predecessor _Ashes_, which really only showed potential: the musical development is superior, and the band seem a lot more sure-footed as far as their compositions and style. _Revelations_ is a melodic doom metal album, with some keyboards, violin and death growls for variety, and there The Prophecy seem to have found their own sound.

Opener "Odyssey" is a fine track, with its memorable and immediately recognizable lead guitar, as well as nicely placed use of violin and death vox; but its follow-up track "Rivers", with its somewhat atypical guitar work, plants the seeds of doubt as to whether The Prophecy will really fulfill their potential with _Revelations_. While hardly a bad track, it delegates that confirmation to the lengthy "Cascades", where the band prove their knack for reasonably intricate compositions and again the lead guitar work at times really shines. The clean vocals, which are usually among the hardest bits to get right in this genre, are well performed and appropriate; they're not overly dramatic and attention grabbing, but do their job competently. This is especially true during the heavy guitar sections, though the quieter ones are unremarkable in this aspect.

"Willow's Hope" goes back to the kind of guitar lead that made opener "Odyssey" especially memorable, with death growls also making a welcome return. By this point the band have clearly established their characteristics and strong points, especially the lead guitar work. "Revelations" is a longer track in the same mould as "Cascades", and keeps the album flowing impeccably. The doom/death that opens "Of Darkness" is definitely among the album's high points, as is the track itself. Closer "Broken" should perhaps have worked as a culmination of the album, but while it is a good track, it fails to elicit much reaction from me. Ultimately it may be that The Prophecy's style of softer passages doesn't work as well with me as I would like.

Despite not constituting a complete triumph, _Revelations_ is a very impressive step up from _Ashes_; a solid record with some outstanding moments and still a lot of potential for the future. Recommended for anyone who likes melodic doom metal as one of the bands to definitely look out for.


(article published 12/1/2007)

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