As We Fight - _Midnight Tornado_
(Dockyard 1, 2006)
by: Jackie Smit (7 out of 10)
While an album title like _Midnight Tornado_ might evoke images of peace-loving beatniks fluting their away round a tribute to Jethro Tull, there's nothing pacifistic about this Danish six-piece's sophomore effort. Laden with about as many Slayer-isms as we've come to expect from much of the modern thrash metal fraternity, tracks like "Escaping the Poisoned Hands of Despair" or "Annihilation" may not change the course of music history anytime soon. What it does serve up in ample amounts however is technically precise, expertly produced heaviness. Not quite enough to make you sit up and take notice? As We Fight have a fair few killer riffs up their collective sleeve as well, which they put to very good use on the likes of "Breathe the Disease" and the Exodus-esque "Dead End Streets". It may not be the most remarkable sound you'll hear this year certainly, but owning _Midnight Tornado_ certainly won't make you a laughing stock among your mallcore-hating friends.


(article published 28/11/2006)

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