Stormnatt - _Resurrection ov the Kult_
(Ashen Productions, 2005)
by: James Montague (6 out of 10)
Okay, so here's a band who really wants me to hate them. An Austrian band with a Norwegian name? Spelling "of" with a "v" and "cult" with a "k"? Do these guys realise how many of their fans are not getting laid thanks to them? Well, black metal was always meant to be depressing...

Pet peeves aside, with this unfortunately-titled CD Stormnatt prove themselves solid, albeit entirely derivative executors of raw black metal. Although the melodies would embarrass a child with their simplicity when mapped out on paper, the guitars harmonize in such a way that the essence floats off the noisy conflagration of instruments, reminding us of black metal's timeless qualities. The frenetic and uneven drumming adds to the charm in ways that black metal critics have tried to justify for years -- a spontaneous expression of bitterness and hatred seems as good an explanation as any other.

Stormnatt's five lengthy hymns, suitably underproduced and accompanied by a delightful little booklet of Gustave Doré illustrations, form one of the least original or revolutionary expressions in my recent memory. However, it is a concise and well-phrased expression of grief, anger and solitude that can hardly be faulted within its limited scope.


(article published 17/11/2006)

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