A Canorous Quintet - _Silence of the World Beyond_
(No Fashion, 1996)
by: Drew Snow (8 out of 10)
Hey! It's that time again... you guessed it, time for more Swedish melodic death! No Fashion (and plenty of other labels) just seem to keep pumping them out, but even though the genre may be getting just a -little- overcrowded with copycats, for every five or ten lame ducks there are one or two bands like A Canorous Quintet: quality, moderately original (nothing groundbreaking here, but no blatant cloning either), and refreshingly energetic and powerful. Not really overtly 'evil,' the lyrics as always focus on darkness and other such things, but the music doesn't always follow suit. In actuality, the music on _SotWB_ is actually a little upbeat at times, probably as a result of the high-tuned, clean melodies and the usually flowing overall sound of things. The vocals are for the most part neither death nor black (death vocals are used at times though), but instead more of a top-of-the-throat screaming, naturally matching the often times frantic musical pace. In fact, frantic is a good word to describe A Canorous Quintet's music. Frantic, melodic, maybe a bit on the hyper side, ACQ prove that they are -more- than capable of composing quality melodic death metal, and have come up with an album worthy of recommendation.

(article published 13/5/1997)

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